Leaving all the political motives and inclinations, i think the citizen of a nation shall also be able to think independently. Independent from the melodrama, propaganda and the thoughts of political parties as well as media houses.

This generation of the ancient nation shall think for a moment, whether they have started thinking as a nation or they are happy earning a livelihood and roaming in the glittering of malls? Whether they think that the issues of national importance shall also be the part of their coffee table discussion some time?

Those, who think, that yes we do have a collective responsibility and we also need to think openly, shall read ahead otherwise you can get back to your usual work :)

The discussion I'm going to open here is the one which has been blown out of proportion by different political groups, in one or the other direction. And probably no one has discussed the real issue.

And the issue is, “what is the significance of Ram Mandir for this nation?”

Is it a temple where Hindus want to go for worship? If so, there are many more places.

Is it an agenda to win some land? I think there are many more important piece of lands that can be acquired without much hoopla.

Is it a kind of revenge from the Muslim forces, for what they had done to this nation, a few centuries ago? I think even if this is the reason, then this movement shall not be supported.

But this movement means something else than all these points. And anybody can understand this cause if he or she feels that a nation is a cultural entity rather than a mere economic one.

Each place and every nation has some integral symbols of its culture and its ideals. Now we've to think whether we still think that Shri Ram is and can be the ideal of this nation? Whether we still think that Ram-rajya is the concept of state and governance that we all wish for?

If the answer to above question is yes, then what is the symbol of this ideal of the nation? Shall we tell our next generations that here lies the ruins of the place of your ideal, which your forefathers could not save and we could not reconstruct. And now we have constructed Babri Masjid at this place. Now the child may ask, “who is Babar? We have given place to Babar in place of Ram ji, that means Babar was a better person ,and a better ruler than Ram ji. Then why you are saying that Ram ji is our ideal. Why not the great king Babar?”

This is the question of the cultural identity of a nation. Though culture lives in the thoughts of the people of any place , but there are certain symbols that constantly reminds the generations that this is the ideal for which we shall aspire. And Ram Mandir is one such epitome of this ancient nation.

There are many more things that can be said, but i am going to sum up with few lines. Please be patient, to read it in full before reaching any conclusion, and to give it an open thought. :)

(All kind of comments are welcome)

"जो कसम राम की खायी थी वो कसम अधूरी है अब तक

संस्कृति का चिन्ह बना न सके कैसी मजबूरी है अब तक

यह प्रश्न नहीं मंदिर का बन्धु यह प्रश्न आत्म सम्मान का है

आक्रांता यवनों के हाथों निज पूर्वज के अपमान का है

हैं राम सिर्फ भगवान नहीं, हैं भारत के वह नायक भी

उत्तर से दक्षिण एक किया, हैं राष्ट्र प्रेम उन्नायक भी

गजनी ने तोडा सोमनाथ हमने उसको तो बना दिया

फिर बाबर को अपने युग का नायक हमने क्यों बना दिया?

होंगे जैसे आदर्श उसी दिश में यह देश चलेगा फिर

बाबर गजनी आदर्श बने उस सांचे में ही ढलेगा फिर

कुछ मुस्लिम-जन से द्वेष नहीं वह सखा सहोदर भ्राता हैं

लेकिन रखना है याद हमे भारत ही अपनी माता हैं

जिनने भारत में जन्म लिया उन सबके नायक राम ही हैं

वह केवट, सबरी, विभीषणों हर पातक के सुख धाम ही हैं

यदि मक्का में मस्जिद टूटी तो हम मिलकर बनवाएंगे

हर आक्रांता को दलने को हम पूरा साथ निभाएंगे

यह देश समन्वय वाला है सिख,बौद्ध,जैन सब अपनाए

लेकिन क्या इनने धर्म-स्थल मंदिर ध्वंसों पर बनवाए?

यदि मस्जिद वहाँ बना भी दें, क्या लफ्ज़ अमन के गूजेंगे

क्या यवन पुत्र सरयू-तट को , मक्का जैसा ही पूजेंगे?

कुछ तलवारें ले नाम धर्म का राज्य बढ़ाती आई हैं

इराक, पर्सिया ,सिंध विजय का पाठ पढाती आयी हैं

जो राष्ट्र पुत्र भी बन न सके वह विश्व पुत्र बनना चाहें

पर-स्वार्थ सिद्धि के हेतु स्वयं निज माता को छलना चाहें

हे भारत तनिक निराश न हो हम क़र्ज़ उतारेंगे तेरा

वह राष्ट्र चिन्ह का चिर प्रतीक फिर से बनवाएंगे तेरा"