As i m writing my first blog, i request respected readers to condone my mistakes.
You must be thinking wat is KTP ???
Well it should not be nothing new to anybody who ever studied in any college.In college there were some students who were very sincere n used to study regularly.They used to be the source of every assignments.We used to call them "Maggu" (i dont have any intention to hurt anybody's feelings.well even i used to be named like that!!!) Here as i m working in one of the Allied Service of the country, instead of calleing sincere "Probationers" (We r on probation) as "Maggu", they are called KTP- KEEN TYPE PROBATIONER
So what exactly is KTP???
KTP is a Probationer who is very sincere in training, listen every lecture carefully, prepare notes and submit assignments within time.
Well if somebody is thinking that whether that much sincere efforts are required during training??? So i will tell u something about TRAINING in NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DIRECT TAXES (NADT), Nagpur.
After i got selected in Civil Services-07, i thought my life will become easier now. But i was not able to see the one of the Toughest training ahead. After coming to NADT all my hopes of a easy life were completely shattered. Daily schedule is from morning 6 o clock to evening 5 o clock. If u are late in any class even by 1 min, u wont be allowed in the class. Some teachers even come 10 min before time and close the door at exact time!!!!
We are being taught Accountancy and Income Tax Act. This all is hell confusing.... ur normal sense of debit n credit is completly lost after preparing Profit n Loss A/c and Balance Sheet. More, there r so many things to be studied... syllabus seems to be endless.
And Income Tax u cant understand my pain untill u read it (i wonder... is it possible for a comman man to read IT Act n understand something ???) There are sections, sub sections, clause, sub clause, proviso, explanations (which will confuse u more)..alas...
Now we r having INTERNALS from 15 May and there is so much to be covered... I m really getting scared!! Even UPSC was somewhat simpler coz at least u can write something but here... no nonsense. If u write one single word extra, marks will be deducted. Oh God! For last few days I studied hard but wenever they take any practice test, they'll twist some fact and answer ki wat lag jati hai....... So even after studying, i m not able to score good marks. i m feeling so helpless.
So...... finally i hav decided.... to become a KTP
leave all enjoyments...
reduce surfing..
reduce talking on phone..
stop playing games..
stop watching IPL..
dont watch movies..
dont do dine out..
dont waste even one min...
and so on.....
i hope i'll be a good KTP and wud be able to score respectable marks in Internals.
i request respected resders to wish me Best of Luck......